Naval Base Frederikshavn

Naval Base Frederikshavn is home to several Naval ships and staffs such as the 1st Squadron, the 3rd Squadron, the Naval Tactics Centre, and the Defence Maintenance Service, as well as other defence authorities and agencies. 

In October 1962, the Navy moved some of its ships from Holmen in Copenhagen to the newly built Frederikshavn Naval Base. From here, the fleet’s ships could be deployed together with the fleets of other NATO countries in the Kattegat and Skagerrak, among other places. 

With approximately 1,300 employees, Frederikshavn Naval Base is one of Frederikshavn’s largest workplaces. The Naval Base works closely with the municipality of Frederikshavn and its maritime companies, which provide services to the fleet. The Naval Base serves as a secure logistics port, servicing Naval and Allied ships in Denmark and supporting Naval ships around the world. 


  • Lars Pedersen
  • +45 72 85 62 72 / +45 25 37 77 48


  • Flådestationen 1
  • 9900 Frederikshavn
  • Danmark

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