Jatob Frederikshavn ApS

Acquisition of iron and metals
Scrapping of ships, etc. 

Decomposition and demolition  

Jatob perform all kinds of eco-friendly decomposition and demolition, clean-up, and indoor clearing 

Scrap iron and metals 

Jatob acquire and process all types of iron and metals, no matter the size and weight. 

Scrapping and clean-up of ships 

Jatob Frederikshavn performs eco-friendly scrapping of ships. 

Our scrapping facilities are ultramodern and comply with all regulations for eco-friendly scrapping. 


  • Jakob Kristensen
  • +45 22 55 24 29
  • jakob@jatob.dk



  • Langerak 12
  • 9900 Frederikshavn
  • Danmark

Maritime Network Frederikshavn

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