AVISTA OIL is approved by the Danish Energy Agency for the collection of waste oil and other oil waste. 

Our company is based on many years of experience in the collection and recycling of waste oil. We were founded under the name Dansk Olie Genbrug in 1992, and together with the AVISTA OIL group, which has operated collection and refining facilities since the 1950s, we have valuable expertise and experience in the field. 

We serve more than 15,000 customers – primarily car workshops, recycling centres and industrial companies, but also contractors, ships, etc. On an annual basis, we collect around 45,000 tonnes of oil products throughout Denmark for recycling. 


  • Claus Hansen
  • +45 20 22 79 29
  • ch@avista-oil.dk


  • Juelsmindevej 6/18
  • 4400 Kalundborg
  • Danmark

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