Sirius Agency Marine Solutions

Sirius Agency Denmark, established in May 2024, is the Danish branch of the Swedish Sirius Agency. We offer a comprehensive range of maritime services in Denmark, ensuring that all aspects of shipping are managed professionally and efficiently. Our services include coordination of port calls for cargo operations, repairs, and ensuring smooth port operations, coordination of bunker operations to ensure optimal fuel supply, and technical services to maintain ship functionality. We also specialize in LNG Cool Down operations, which require precision and expertise, as well as Ship to Ship operations at the anchorages in Skagen and Frederikshavn, providing flexibility and efficiency in the transfer of oil between ships.


  • Asbjørn Worsøe
  • +45 40 42 29 81


  • Silovej 8, 1.A
  • 9900 Frederikshavn
  • Danmark

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