Malik Energy A/S

Malik Energy A/S is a subsidiary of Malik Supply A/S, a well-known and worldwide bunker supplier. Malik Supply A/S was founded in 1989.

Malik Energy A/S has own oil terminals and bunker ships located in a number of Danish ports.

The goal of Malik Energy A/S is to be the natural partner that ensures the optimal energy solution for our customers. We offer value to the maritime sector and others with a comprehensive energy need in terms of service, security of supply, know-how and tailor-made solutions.

We offer delivery of marine gas oil and all kinds of lubricating oil and. We also supply AUS40 (UREA 40%).

Supply takes place by ex-pipe/truck/bunker ship/self-service facilities.

All types of products are delivered in accordance with the latest ISO standards.


  • Søren Madsen
  • +45 38 42 32 11 / +45 30 21 48 59



  • Skibbrogade 3, 2 th
  • DK-9000 Aalborg
  • Danmark

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