DMS – Dansk Materiel Service A/S

DMS Dansk Materiel Service A/S is importer of HYUNDAI’s complete range of forklifts and warehouse. 

If you have an urgent or seasonal need for a forklift or internal transport equipment, we can offer short-term and long-term rental. We have a substantial rental fleet of new and used forklifts ready for use. 

Service from our workshop in Frederikshavn – we are aware that “emergency stops” require immediate dispatch, and therefore we can offer fast assistance.
If the need arises for quick help, we can have a fitter at your site within 2 hours of your call. There is no need for downtime and lost revenue just because a machine breaks down. 


  • Per Due Thomsen
  • +45 51 59 61 70



  • Knoten 7
  • 9900 Frederikshavn
  • Danmark

Maritime Network Frederikshavn

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