CERTEX Danmark A/S

With more than 135 years of expertise and know-how, CERTEX Danmark A/S is the leading lifting equipment specialist in Denmark. 


CERTEX Danmark A/S’s knowledge of lifting and related products is based on 135 years of experience and Lifting KnowHow together with a wide range of quality products, training, inspection and support.
Our Solution Center designs lifting applications and lifting tools from a few kilos capacity to large lifting beams that can handle several hundred tons. 


We also offer services such as: 

Service inspection

Rental of lifting equipment

Workshop service

Load tests

Installation and rigging

Textile services

Customized lifting equipment

We have a large technical department with 18+ engineers who design and develop customized lifting equipment.


  • Bo Thomsen
  • +45 21 20 98 43
  • bo.thomsen@certex.dk



  • Virkelyst 17B
  • 9400 Nørresundby
  • Danmark

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